NYT: Not Laughing at You, Laughing with You. And Suing You.

Well, the New York Times is, as usual, using its vast influence and almost unlimited reach to give a journalist with relatively limited means a more prominent profile: Would The National Debate's Robert Cox have gotten on Tony Snow's new national radio show if the Times's legal department hadn't asked him to take down the National Debate's satirical Times correction page? Would a dozen other sites be mirroring that satirical correction page (now so much funnier and cooler than it was before)? Would Cox be the subject of two stories in the NY Daily News? Would we be writing about him? No, of course not. We're just glad that this finally puts to rest all those icky rumors about the Times being made up of humorless liberal scolds.

The National Debate To New York Times: Bring It On [The National Debate]


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