NYT Now Boring You Interactively

foodfolly.jpgYou kids like video games, right? Then you oughtta love these radical new online games from the New York Times! In this one, "Food Import Folly," you get to play as the FDA! "Your charge: try to protect the country from contaminants in foreign food imports using extremely limited resources"! Tubular! Just like Burgertime!

Future Times video games are sure to provide plenty of thrills:

* HUD Hijinks Can you administer housing grants to indigenous Hawaiians? What about while you're fighting pirates?

* Wacky War Czar Reconcile infighting bureaucracies and win the war in Iraq! Bonus level: Re-win the war in Afghanistan!

* Resignation Rumpus Oh no! Boards of Directors, Congressional Committees, and Kos diarists want your head! How long can you retain the full confidence and support of the president?

* Sim Cheney This is basically just a cross between "Age of Empires" and "Duck Hunt."

Mind Games: Food Import Folly [NYT]


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