O Solemn Day Of Humps

  • For years, Barack Obama romanced a network of high-dollar fundraisers by sending them birthday cards; those efforts are now bearing fruit. [New York Times]
  • Does anyone honestly believe that Carly Fiorina still has a shot at being John McCain's VP? One reporter does! [Los Angeles Times]
  • Harry Sargeant, a fundraising bundler for John McCain, manages to raise piles of money, repeatedly, from the same people, several of whom one would not imagine have a lot of spare cash hanging around or care about politics. [Washington Post]
  • Well, that didn't take long. Obama's Muslim-American and Arab-American outreach adviser quit after a week and a half on the job because he didn't want old brief tangential associations with a Muslim fundamentalist to become a distraction. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Congress will probably approve a federal apology for slavery in the fall -- a measure that is sure to incense some southern white Bitters whom Democrats have been trying for years to win over. [The Hill]
  • Neither Barack Obama nor John McCain appear to be making any progress in national polls, but this is worse for Obama because he has "favorable winds at his back." [Politico]

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