Oath-Keepers Founder: Let's Hang John McCain For Being Hitler

Hey, what are those charming Oath Keepers up to this week, as part of their Keeping of Oaths? How about the anti-government militia group's founder, Stewart Rhodes, calling for Sen. John McCain to be tried for treason for his many crimey crimes and then "hung by the neck until dead," maybe? Or in Militia-land, just another day of protecting America from its own elected government.

Rhodes made the remarks last week at a rightwing Gathering Of the Five Braincells in Tempe, Arizona, which was attended by Tea Party heroes like Rhodes, legendary Constitutional Sheriff and Obamacare survivor Richard "Women and Children in Front" Mack, and Arizona Senate President Andy Biggs, where the participants hooted and threw poop at an effigy of Barack Obama and prayed the E Plebnista until their eyeballs bled.

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And somewhere in there, Rhodes -- the tactical genius whose fear of a federal drone attack initiated a Great Big Militia Breakup near the end of the Bundy Ranch fuck-tussle -- told a story about how, when he was a Ron Paul delegate at Nevada's 2008 Republican nominating convention, he witnessed firsthand Liberty being trampled to death, because even though Ron Paul definitely had the most delegates at all the state conventions, John McCain and the "GOP Machine" stole the process and denied Ron Paul the nomination and presidency that he obviously deserved. Yes, this may differ a bit from how you remember things, with John McCain winning a bunch of primaries and Ron Paul not so much, but shut up, you are a Sheeple and you weren't there.

Through all kinds similar skullduggery, Rhodes explained, the "GOP good-ol’-boy network were simply getting their preordained, anointed candidate who would go along with the program of the destruction of this country.” RON PAUL 4-EVER!!! This gross betrayal of Ron Paul Democracy, Ron Paul Liberty, and Ron Paul America led Rhodes to the obvious conclusion:

John Cain [sic] is a traitor to the Constitution [wild applause]. He should be tried for treason before a jury of his peers -- which he would deny you, he supports your denial of a jury trial, he supported the NDAA saying that he could just have the president slam you into a brig in North Carolina or South Carolina or wherever else he wanted to, try you by military tribunal and have you executed. He would deny you the right for trial to jury, but we will give him a trial for jury, and then after we convict him, he should be hung by the neck until dead. [Considerably less applause, but still some applause.] But that was their candidate! It's a fact: that was their candidate.

Arizona political talkers were wondering why Sen. Biggs didn't say anything in response, like perhaps "Whoa, dude, we only talk about executing Obama," or "Are you completely out of your fucking head?" or even "Excuse me, but did you just mix up 'hanged' and 'hung'? 'Cause those are different." But Biggs explained Tuesday that while he had no idea who Rhodes was or who the "Oath Keepers" were, he didn't speak out against Rhodes because he respected the man's "free speech rights," which apparently would have been trampled had Biggs disagreed with Rhodes. And there's your Constitutional Knowledge from the president of the Arizona Senate, boys and girls -- aren't you glad he's so committed to upholding the sacred principles of our founding document, whatever he thinks they happen to be at any given moment?

Rhodes isn't the least bit repentant about his call for John McCain to be executed -- or at least permanently stripped of his "Mc" -- for all of those terrible acts of treason he's committed, although we're still not sure what they were, exactly. Do you stupid sheeple need specifics anyway? Ron Paul isn't president. Isn't that all the proof you need?

While he's saving the actual slate of crimes for the People's Arraignment, we guess, Rhodes did elaborate a bit further on why McCain needs to dance the hemp fandango. In an interview with a Phoenix TV station, he explained, "I think John McCain is every bit as nuts as Adolf Hitler was." So that's an awfully persuasive case.

John McCain's office has so far had nothing to say about the foofaraw; it would appear that staffers are deciding which of McCain's personae should be released from its stasis field to respond: Mr. Statesmanship, or Grampa McSurlySnarl? Just to be on the safe side, aides to the senator did tell reporters to get the hell off McCain's lawn, and no, you can't have your ball back.

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