Obama Accepts His Peace Prize, Which Is A Thing People Have Serious Opinions About!


  • The President of the United States went to Norway to accept his Nobel Peace Prize. This is the most controversial thing that has ever happened. [New York Times]
  • Meet our nation's next hated thing: it is "Ginnie Mae," the absolutely terrifying-sounding Government National Mortgage Association. [Washington Post]
  • Defense Secretary Robert Gates is currently touring Iraq and Afghanistan. Death Cab for Cutie is opening. [AP]
  • Midwest Friends, you are, at this very moment, submerged in 12 ft. or so of snow, yes? [CNN]
  • Five American men were arrested in Pakistan yesterday for (alleged!) terrorism-related future-misdeeds. [Times Online]
  • Obama's new plan for a $200 billion getting-everyone-a-new-job bill is the most despised thing Obama has suggested since the last thing Obama suggested. [WSJ]

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