Obama Administration Includes A Gay!

Remember how everybody got all excited at the thought ofa lesbian running the Labor Department? Well, that didn't happen -- instead some boring straight lady who at least had the decency to be a Latina was appointed. So where are all the gays in Obama's grand new rainbow government of change? Now we have our answer: managing the secretarial pool.

In our vast and wonderful government, there is an Office of Management and Administration, which is tasked with supplying "administrative services to all entities of the Executive Office of the President ... These services include financial management, human resources management and research assistance." Translation: this is the office that contains all the people who in a "normal company" tell you to order fewer roller-ball pens, pester you about your biannual review, and make photocopies.

Who is the new gay leader of this hell-swamp of administrative goons? Brad Kiley! He currently runs operations for the Obama-Biden transition team and he used to be vice president at the Center for American Progress. In other words, he is a big fat liberal who can make the trains run on time. Kiley's appointment is a huge step forward for gay America and a milestone in the marriage equality movement, obviously.

Obama names gay man as director of Office of Management and Administration [GayPolitics.com]


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