It's either about Space Monsters or Obama's 'green energy' plan ...The environmentalist wackos in the Obama Administration "asked Congress to provide a $4 billion loan guarantee for two new nuclear reactors to be built and operated on the Gulf Coast of Texas — by Tokyo Electric Power and local partners," ha ha. Because there's nothing greener than money nuclear power, built by a scandal-plagued Japanese company now presiding over the biggest nuclear-power disaster in history. (Okay, maybe Obama's beloved "clean coal" is a teeny bit more green than nuclear fallout facilities on the Gulf of Mexico.) Anyway, let's hear it for Tokyo Electric Power! Experts say this company has been running insanely dangerous nuke plants for years, and has badly bungled the response to the earthquake damage -- in terms of safety announcements, public relations and that whole "nuclear holocaust/meltdown" thing.

Well, the Gulf of Mexico hasn't been brutalized much lately, so it will be exciting to get this Tokyo nuke company involved (thanks to the Obama Administration) with some shady Texas energy companies.

From Yahoo News:

Building nuclear power plants in the United States is a slow, tedious process in the best of times, with permits, license applications, financing, and then actual construction taking decades. Concern over Fukushima is likely to slow the process that is already at a crawl to something resembling stasis.

President Obama has stated that the Fukushima disaster has not altered his plans to expand nuclear power in the United States. Obama administration plans to shift to non fossil fueled power generation is largely dependent on nuclear power.

[Yahoo News/Greg Palast via Cryptogon]


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