It's your fun vice president, Joe Biden! Why won't he get into the SUV-limousine thing like his security team keeps telling him? Because this is Wilmington, and Joe Biden knows every single person in town, so he keeps jabbering to everybody (endangering America).

Or, as Wonkette commenter/special warblog correspondent President Beeblebrox tells us, "The Secret Service guys were all like 'Joe, get in the limo!' and Joe was all, 'No, wait, I gotta say hi to this guy, he's my mom's aunt's barber's neighbor!' This went on for many minutes -- Joe would go to the limo, then he would see someone he knew and go back to the crowd, repeat, etc. Best VP ever."

Sure, "best VP ever" if you prefer your vice presidents to be friendly Delaware uncles instead of what America really needs: sadistic Satan-worshiping blood sausages like Dick Cheney. Let's enjoy the rest of Beeblebrox's photographs from the big Chris Coons-Barack-Obama-Joe Biden rally on Friday.

Says our correspondent: This nasty-ass "Farmers for O'Donnell" pickup truck kept cruising the streets as we waited to get into the rally. The back of the truck cab was full of canes & walkers. I think I saw a Rascal back there too.

Hooray, Jeebus is returning on May 21 of next year, only two-thousand years late. And then Jesus will BURN O'DONNELL AT THE STAKE because Ye Shall Not Suffer a Witch. What else is going on here?

Here are Biden and Obama and their little buddy Chris Coons. Says our correspondent: A now-defunct Delaware political blog used to call him "The Head" because, well, his head is huge and he is short.

No visit by the president is complete without some amazing portraits set up on the sidewalk by a talented local artist. Are these the best Delaware paintings ever, or simply the best paintings ever?


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