Obama and Coburn Are Best Pals


Many of Republican Senator Tom Coburn's Oklahoma constituents were INCENSED to see their senator locked ina pornographic gay embrace with the President after his fake state of the union address a couple weeks back. In the aftermath, Coburn received 50 letters from outraged citizens asking him why he would go and do such a dirty thing with a known socialist on national TV.

The answer is this: Coburn and Obama actually like each other (sexually). They entered the Senate together in 2004 and became quick buddies and even cosponsored some bills:

Coburn told reporters in 2004 that he had "a wonderful time” with Obama during the orientation.

"I think I can work with him,” he said then.

And the two did work together, cosponsoring bills to ensure strict oversight of government aid for Hurricane Katrina victims and to require all government grants and contracts to be posted on the Internet in a database.

So, despite the fact that one is a godless communist and the other is a very conservative doctor with a crazy hairdo, they somehow manage to get along. They are Washington DC's own Turner and Hooch.

U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn, Barack Obama form unlikely friendship [The Oklahoman]


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