Obama Attempts to Win Back America With Tiny Musical Moment


Thursday night at a fundraiser in Harlem, Obama was having a way better time than the Republican candidates, and at one point broke into song, honoring Reverend Al Green, who was at the event. Obama sang "Let's Stay Together" (indeed) for about six seconds, in the middle looking down at the podium for a reflective pause the way he always does, even apparently while singing. It turns out this is not a one-time occurrence. Back in 2008, Obama sang six seconds of Aretha Franklin, and at a different event while he was Senator, he serenaded Dionne Warwick with six seconds of Dionne Warwick, and advised that if you wanted to charm a lady, you put on a Dionne Warwick record.

Here's Obama singing the presciently selected Franklin number "Chain of Fools":

And another choice cut, Warwick's "Walk On By":

Lest we forget musical politicians ARE A GREAT IDEA. Obama can't really top this, but the guy can sing, and he looks a little better giving a brief musical speech than Huntsman does at the keys. Now all we need -- to ruin music forever -- is for Mitt Romney to show up on Jay Leno playing "The Entertainer" on a french horn. [Talking Points Memo]


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