Obama Being Forced to Show Up to Lame Birther Court Hearing in Georgia


President "The President" "Born in the U.S.A." "Here to Stay" Obama is required to appear at an administrative court hearing in Atlanta on Thursday over the matter of the location of his birth and whether it disqualifies him from the prize he won in 2008. Orly Taitz, Esquireordinaire is of course thrilled, being the chief instigator of this particular type of time-wasting, though she's not the lawyer in this particular suit, which was filed by a Georgia resident and is intended to keep Obama's name off Georgia's primary ballot. Taitz doesn't care if Obama tries to skip the hearing because, as It told the Miami Herald, "then he looks guilty. The whole nation understands this man is a fraud.”

This suit apparently hasn't been viewed as "frivolous," perhaps because Orly is not involved, and it appears to be kind of a Serious Matter, actually, so far, so though the President might be tempted to laugh/roll his eyes/shake his head/marvel at Orly's insane double black eyes, since she will surely show up, once in there, even he, King of America, will have to try to act serious. Obama's lawyers have already tried to get the President out of the hearing once, but last Friday Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi denied the request. So looks like the President might have to cancel those "90 rounds of golf." [Miami Herald]


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