Obama Calls For Smog Death To Please GOP (They Still Aren't Pleased)


Barack Obama is still diligently working his way down the GOP's War on Christmas wish list of giant white corporate castles built from the skulls of welfare recipients and two-headed glow in the dark ponies riddled with toxic-sludge-filled DNA, and oh look, here's another one: the White Houseordered the EPA to withdraw a proposal for tighter smog regulations, so that America's children might have less oxygen flowing to their brains on their way to school. Merry Lung Cancer Death, everyone! The AP article then gives a little "journalistic context" by listing off the hundreds or possibly thousands of other ways in which Barack Obama's administration has capitulated to John Boehner's hollering cabal of corporate-owned Earth rapists in just the last few months, for fun. Did John Boehner at least say thank you for all of America's presents paid for in human suffering?  

Haha, of course not.

From the AP:

The withdrawal of the proposed regulation marks the latest in a string of retreats by Obama in the face of Republican opposition. Last December, he shelved, at least until the end of 2012, his insistence that Bush-era tax cuts should no longer apply to the wealthy. Earlier this year he avoided a government shutdown by agreeing to Republican demands for budget cuts. And this summer he acceded to more than a $1 trillion in spending reductions, with more to come, as the price for an agreement to raise the nation’s debt ceiling.

A spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, had muted praise for the White House, saying that withdrawal of the smog regulation was a good first step toward removing obstacles that are blocking business growth.

Come on, John Boehner, this was one of the most expensive ones:

But perhaps more than some of the other regulations under attack, the ground-level ozone standard is most closely associated with public health — something the president said he wouldn’t compromise in his regulatory review. Ozone is the main ingredient in smog, which is a powerful lung irritant that occasionally forces cancellation of school recesses, and causes asthma and other lung ailments.

What will Obama give to the GOP next to never win their love? [AP]


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