Obama Calls Romney To Congratulate Him In Epic Washington Gaffe


First Cory Booker goes "off-message" by saying he's a whore on the television show, and then some other people do that, and now what, Barack Obama commits a "historic Beltway gaffe" bycalling Mitt Romney to congratulate him for clinching the Republican nomination. What an idiot. You're not supposed to exchange pleasantries with any Republicans, ever, or all elections are totally lost. Get in line, Obama. Obey yourself.

Here's the official word from Obama Propaganda HQ (the Hooters on 7th Street):

At approximately 11:30 AM ET this morning, the President called Governor Romney to congratulate him on securing the Republican nomination. President Obama said that he looked forward to an important and healthy debate about America’s future, and wished Governor Romney and his family well throughout the upcoming campaign.

Whatever; it went more like:

OBAMA: Mitt? Hello Mitt.

ROMNEY: Hello Mr. President.

OBAMA: So... congratulations on winning the nomination.


OBAMA: Uhh...

ROMNEY: Uhh...


ROMNEY: Have you seen the Avengers?


ROMNEY: Movieeeee.


[End of Call]

Indeed, let's all look forward to a healthy debate, derp derp.



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