Obama Campaigns For L.A. Billionaire Money In L.A. Black Neighborhood

Barack Obama is making his first post-announcement campaign appearance in California today. You should head on over and check it out! Because it looks like California is about to approve a very early primary and the glory days of glamor spots such as Iowa and the "Granite State" are pretty much over, finally, the Illinois senator needs to convince the rich people of Los Angeles that he's the best guy ever. Better even than Hillary!

This requires many photo ops in the middle-class black areas of Los Angeles. Obama will be at the Rancho Cienaga playground at noon; That's in the Baldwin Hills neighborhood south of the 10 (or "Rosa Parks Freeway," according to Google Maps) between La Brea and Crenshaw. Sadly, Barry Hussein won't be appearing tomorrow in the only L.A. 'hood he ever called home: Eagle Rock around the liberal-arts Occidental College.

Join Senator Obama in Los Angeles [BarackObama.com]


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