Obama Cares More About Dumb Skip Gates Than Every Woman On Earth, Combined, + Rihanna


Well it is ABOUT TIME someone spoke out about Obama's malicious treatment of Rihanna that night like a year ago when her boyfriend, Rihanna's Boyfriend, hit her. And look, we already have the Daily Beast, explicitly designed for the publication and promotion of such a crucial polemic:

Here's "Amy Siskind," adult:

"For the millions of women who voted for Obama on his promise to protect their reproductive rights, this past weekend's whipsaw on abortion funding is just the latest example of a president who frankly could care less about women beyond their votes. [...] He had beers with Skip Gates, but ignored it when Rihanna was almost strangled to death."

Meghan McCain with the assist in 5, 4, 3...

[The Daily Beast via Andrew Sullivan]


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