Obama Crashes Metrobus, Is Charged With Driving Without A Birth Certificate


  • OH GREAT JOB everybody. You were all too busy downloading penis enlargement pills, and paying for cheese pizza over the Internet, to bother using our nation's postal service! Now the USPS is downsizing, and it might even stop delivering mail on Saturday, the Jewish sabbath (!?). Kiss your Christian Nation goodbye. [DCist]

  • More good news for the DC commuter! Metro is doing its best to suck at everything. [Washington Examiner]

  • If your confidence in public transportation hasn't been completely shattered yet, take a gander at this appropriately named DC blog. [Unsuck Metro DC]

  • Alexandria Police Chief David P. Baker was apprehended in his automobile, drunk -- and after he sobered up a bit, he promptly announced his retirement. Now he can drive drunk all day, every day! Hooray! [Washington Times]

  • "... I had just filed a police report the night before about someone that sent me a text message of their erection ..." -- Marion Barry strikes again! [Holla Back DC]


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