After all Hillary Clinton did for Barack Obama this primary season, you'd think his donors would show her a little more gratitude. She "made him a better candidate," after all, by constantly reminding the world that he was a black Muslim elitist with a shitty, shitty bowling score and no plan for universal healthcare. But Obama's most generous supporters have basically given her zero dollars to help retire her campaign debt, because these people areas stingy as Barack Obama himself.

Former high-dollar Clinton supporters, on the other hand, overflowed with largesse in the month after their girl lost, donating $1.6 million to the presumptive nominee's campaign fund. That's in addition to the $1.53 million they donated to the Obama Victory Fund, which has a higher contribution limit than the regular $2300 per individual. Yipers, it is boring having to actually explain this crap.

Basically, all of the rich power-brokers who were trying to buy influence in the Clinton White House are now trying to buy influence in the Obama White House, and nobody cares about Hillary Clinton because she isn't running anymore.

(The end.)

Clinton donors give big to Obama, but not the other way 'round [Top of the Ticket]


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