Obama Fails To Kill Another New 321,000 Jobs, IMPEACH!


Here is some terrible news for you: Job-killing socialist Marxist Kenyanist President Obama has failed once again to destroy the economy, according to the latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Job gains were widespread, led by growth in professional and business services, retail trade, health care, and manufacturing.

How widespread? Let's let Steve Benen at Maddow Blog explain it at us:

Though jobs reports over the last few years have shown monthly government job losses, in November, the private sector added 314,000 while the public sector added 7,000. The latter may not sound like much, but after several years in which that total was negative, it’s at least somewhat heartening.

As for the revisions, all of the news was excellent: September’s totals were revised up from 256,000 to 271,000, while October’s figures were revised up, from 214,000 to 243,000. Combined, that’s an additional 44,000 jobs.

Is that good news? That sounds like good news. Even though there are fewer government jobs, which does not sound good -- unless you are a Republican who thinks there should be no government jobs at all, except for their own, which is different, obviously. But how good is it?

What’s more, November was the 50th consecutive month of positive job growth – the best stretch since 1939 – and the 56th consecutive month in which we’ve seen private-sector job growth – the longest on record.

At this point, with the calendar year nearly over, 2014 will easily be the best year for U.S. job creation since 1999.

We are not economists -- or scientists -- but having the best year of job creation in more than a decade sounds like a good thing, doesn't it? And sort of the opposite of everything Republicans have been telling us about how the Obama administration has been death-paneling jobs left and right. But perhaps before we start thinking this is excellent news, we should recall what Sen. John McCain recently said about the so-called falling deficit, which has nothing to do with the latest jobs report, but is still a good overall lesson for those who might think maybe the economy as a whole is fairing better under Obama than under certain other presidents:

It is going down now, which is good, but everyone that I have talked to that’s smart on it says within three, four, five years — as we see the dramatic increase in enrollment in the entitlement programs — it’s going to start going back up.

So sure, the jobs numbers look pretty good right now, but if we give it enough time, they'll look bad again, and then we can go back to blaming Obama for destroying the American economy. Hooray!

[Bureau of Labor Statistics/The Maddow Blog]


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