Obama Fist-Bumped North Carolina Governor Into Shoulder Surgery


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/jhZIoO4MmEo&hl=en&fs=1 expand=1]

Holy beans, it really WAS a terrorist fist jab! Not the original one that Barry Obama shared with his wife Michelle, but another -- the one Barry gave North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley at a press conference in June. When Barry went for the bump, it was like a million 9/11 planes were attacking Easley's shoulder: "Gov. Mike Easley says the fist bump he shared in June with Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama helped convince him he needed surgery on his right shoulder." Of course, the damn left-wing liberal gay blogs will all claim that Barry's fist bump *wasn't* an act of terrorism. Anything to protect their CELEBRITY BLACK JESUS. [News & Observer]


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