Obama Gives Nobel Prize Money To Loser Charity Nerds, Women


This Obama. He won a $1.4 million cash bonus with his comical Nobel Peace Prize, and instead of buying all sorts of cool Blu-Rays and CDs and porno -- which would be unconstitutional, but who cares about that old fishwrapper anymore? -- hegives it to "the needy." Probably just more union thugs and the Daley family and other evil Chicago things. (The "White Socks.")

The most money -- $250,000 -- went to Fisher House, which provides housing for families of patients being cared for at major military and VA medical centers.

The Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund, which raises money for long-term relief efforts in Haiti following that country's devastating earthquake, received $200,000.

$125,000 went to six different charities:

-- College Summit, which partners with schools with the goal of increasing college enrollment;

-- The Posse Foundation, which awards scholarships to "public high school students with extraordinary academic and leadership potential who may be overlooked by traditional college selection processes";

-- The United Negro College Fund, which offers scholarship and internship programs for more than 60,000 students per year;

-- The Hispanic Scholarship Fund, which awards scholarships and offers outreach support to the Hispanic community;

-- The Appalachian Leadership and Education Foundation, which offers scholarships and leadership curriculum to young people from Appalachia;

-- And the American Indian College Fund, which distributes scholarships to American Indian students and provides support for tribal college needs.

Two charities were awarded $100,000 each. One is AfriCare, which offers programs in Africa addressing health and HIV/AIDS, food security and agriculture, and water resource development. The other is the Central Asia Institute, which promotes education and literacy in remote areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan with a focus on education girls.

It's a rainbow of skintones, locking arms and skipping through the hallowed gates of University! American dreams!

(HINT, OBAMASCHOLARS: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T MAJOR IN ENGLISH... *chugs eighth whiskey of afternoon*... fucking WORTHLESS... can't do SHIT later... waste waste waste yr life...)

[CBS News]


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