Obama Has To Correct Joe Biden, Again, For Saying Something True

Obama Has To Correct Joe Biden, Again, For Saying Something True

Poor Joe Biden has spent his entire term as vice president being privately rebuked and publicly corrected by his boss. Every time Biden gives an interview, Obama comes out a couple days later and says, "I stand behind everything Joe said, except just to clarify, he meant the opposite," and Biden has to sit in the Naughty Circle for ten minutes.

The latest shameful rebuke came after Joe admitted to George Stephanopoulos -- and why is it that George Stephanopoulos, not exactly the hardest journalist for Democrats to get along with, always manages to make these guys say outrageous things? -- that the Obama administration had "misread" the economy at the beginning of the year and not understood what a terrible shitshow it was going to be, well into the midterm election season.

"Misread" was obviously the wrong word, because it was accurate. So today, President Obama said that "we had incomplete information."

Indeed, it is difficult to find any information at all about the economy, anywhere!

Joe Biden has been sent to Bermuda to live with the Uighurs.

Obama Responds To Biden On Economy: "We Had Incomplete Information" [Huffington Post]


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