He is secretly thinking unpleasant thoughts about FloridaOh America, you thought Barack Obama was your boyfriend, and this is true if you happen to live in select states. But for the people of Florida or anyone seeking a "do-over," he has two magical words: Suck it.

Even though he supported the Help America Vote act, which allows voting by mail in Federal elections, he and his surrogates now feel that mail-in voting would destroy our democracy.

Representative Robert Wexler, an Obama backer, said recently:

"A mail-in election would raise significant issues of fraud - especially in this short window - and such an election could disenfranchise many Floridians by disproportionately limiting voting access to seniors, minority voters, young voters, lower income voters, new voters, and new residents."

We get the part about the new residents, as it might be difficult to reach them by mail if their address change hasn't gone through or whatever, but seniors? Is there nothing they love more than putting paper mail correspondence in the Postal Box?

Then again, voting by mail would deprive them of one of their most cherished activities, which is volunteering at polling places and spending half an hour to examine each voter's ID because the print is so small.

Obama camp raises flags about Florida revote


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