Obama Is Germany's Next Hasselhoff

Ellen was impregnated just by looking at himAmerican "rock star" and sometime Presidential candidate Barack Obama has made a big splash in the United States with his smooth baritone voice, winning smile, and sexy dance moves. Now he's charming his way into the hearts of Europeans who, after bitter Hasselhoff-related disappointments, are looking for a new American hero.

"Germans are in love with Obama," the head of a Berlin-based think tank told Reuters. Another German said his nation had "an incredible desire" for Obama.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Rome ganked Obama's "Yes we can" motto, which of course is a theft of the United Farm Workers' "Si se puede," which is a theft of three words originally invented by Hillary Clinton. Obama will be elected President of Europe in approximately two weeks.

Obama wins over hearts and minds in Europe [Reuters]


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