Obama is Worth Three Terrorist Dollars


  • Obama wants to put every American in jail, with the possible exception of Bill Ayers. [RedState]
  • Oh look, it's Michael Dukakis, joining us from god knows where to apologize for the last two decades. [Andrew Sullivan]
  • Obama is unfit to be President because Russia is much larger than Iran, according to geography. [Political Punch]
  • David Paterson characterizes McCain with metaphors about not being able to see stuff well, which is humorous because Paterson is blind. [City Room]
  • In this place called "Snohomish County," some Republican distributed $3 bills that featured Obama in Arab headgear and the traditional Muslim car, the camel. [Fresh Intelligence]
  • That world famous "Yes We Can" video will be recreated live, sort of, the night Obama accepts the nomination. [Political Ticker]

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