Obama Learns That Iowans Are Real People, Too

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/jtDRnS7EEqQ&rel=1 expand=1]

Did you know all Iowans aren't inbred racist corn-fucking Jesusy retards? Oh? Well until Barack Obama dismissed this popular misconception Monday on Nightline, how would any of us Coasties have known?

As shown in the above clip, Obama is amazed that rural Iowans not only can think, but can think about real super important issues, like his candidacy or the Butter Cow. And sometimes they don't even fuck their siblings:

But they also, surprisingly enough, even in rural Iowa, recognize the opportunity to send a signal to the world that, you know, we are not as ingrown, as parochial as you may perceive.... That we are in fact embrace the world, we are listening, we are concerned, we want to be engaged....

Obama then expanded upon these little "theories" of his yesterday in New Hampshire, according to someone who e-mailed blogger Taylor Marsh. Quoth Barry Hussein (allegedly):

One of the great pleasures of running for president is to go to some tiny town in Iowa and you've got some guy in overalls and a seahat to say what do you think about the situation in Burma, and you're thinking that he's going to ask you about corn, and he asks you about Burma.

Golly, that sure is sump'm else Barack. But what's a seahat?

Obama: Rural Iowans not as ingrown, parochial as perceived [YouTube]

Obama Calls Rural Iowans 'Ingrown' [Taylor Marsh via Left Coaster]


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