• In his State of the Union Wednesday, Obama will announce a spending freeze for many of America's domestic programs. As these programs do not include Lost, no one will care. [New York Times]
  • The US is holding a conference at the UN in March in which ten countries will try to figure out how to use money to fix Haiti's crippling lack-of-money problem. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Death: Charles McC. Mathias, Jr., a 60s-era three-term Senator from Maryland, has died from Parkinson's disease. [Washington Post]
  • More death: A suicide bomber killed 18 people at the Iraqi Interior Ministry yesterday. [Los Angeles Times]
  • No more death after today: Drivers of commercial trucks and buses are no longer allowed to text behind the wheel, which means that drivers of commercial trucks and buses were, up until today, allowed to text while driving. [CNN]
  • Lady Muslims will no longer be allowed to wear their veils in France on state-owned property. The idea is that Nicolas Sarkozy respects women so much that he will just decide what they will wear. [Times Online]

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