Obama Picks Florida Person To Run Hurricaines


FEMA is thesecretive X-Files agency that builds the Concentration Camps for American poors who will somehow be fattened up even more so the Space Monsters can have food and also get diabetes. But in tragic reality, FEMA is just this inept federal agency that makes sure shit goes very wrong whenever there's a hurricane. And hurricanes often happen in America's Dumbest State, Flordia, so that's why Barack Obama picked some random FLA person to help flood America.

Craig Fugate, who oversees the daily tragic emergencies in Florida, will be Barack Obama's new chief of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

"I'm confident that Craig is the right person for the job and will ensure that the failures of the past are never repeated," Obama said today. This was a funny reference to famous idiot Michael "Brownie" Brown, the actual retarded clown George W. Bush put in charge of FEMA for absolutely no known reason.

After the terrible destruction of New Orleans, Brown was fired because not enough black people drowned. He was replaced with a frightening ghoul named "Michael Chertoff," who was dug up in Transylvania by earth demons.

Obama names Florida emergency boss as FEMA chief [Reuters]


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