Obama Prays To Baby Jesus All The Time

He walks on Air!St. Barack Obama is sick of you redneck losers saying he's a Secret Muslim because you got an email from your unemployed brother-in-law in Idaho -- you know, the same Coors-sodden loser who forwards you the stuff about how Bill Clinton did 9/11 and NASA faked the moon landing because they are all FREEMASONS. Really, Obama has had it with you white trash and your halfwit notions.

At a campaign stop in rural southeast Ohio -- where the "sofas" are benchseats from trucks and the real sofa is outside on the porch -- some yokel asked Obama if he was a Muslim.

Barry lost it and killed the hillbilly right there, with a Muslim dagger. Ha ha, not really. Obama just said he was tired of this shit and that he loves Jesus so much that he actually prays every single night to the ghost of the mythological man who was supposedly executed nearly 2,000 years ago.

Then, according to the AP, Obama told the poor country folk that they'd feel "right at home" at his fancy city church in Chicago, which is a total lie. The electricity and flush toilets would only baffle the hillbillies.

Obama Defends His Christian Religion [AP/Breitbart]


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