Obama Shocker: Long-Haired Barry Is American Idol

There's growing evidence that American Idol sensation Sanjaya Malakar and Decision 2008 sensation Barry Hussein Obama are the same person. If it's not obvious that "Sanjaya" (right) is the same dude as Obama (left), here are some other striking similarities:

* Both are accused of being all style and no substance.

* Both are far better looking than normal Americans and the normal fugly contestants in their respective fields.

* Both are "really cute kid[s] with a unique look and an incredibly dreamy smile that can get thirty 12-year old girls to vote a million times apiece on speed dial."

* Both are competing in a "silly, fun, really well-produced talent competition and you never quite know what's going to happen."

* Both will end up outrageously rich, whether they win the talent show or not.

Will Sanjaya kill 'American Idol'? [Sydney Morning Herald]

Obama's $25M Haul Grabs Iowa's Attention [AP]


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