Obama Shocker: New President Gives Satanic Sign To His Zombie Followers


Sure is fun to have a black guy as president, what with the hope and all, and what an exciting day of inaugural inauguration events .... OH WHAT IN THE HELL BARACK IS DOING THE DEVIL-HORN HAND-SIGN!

As proven by this journalistic freeze frame of the teevee news, on CBS, your new president worships but one "god," and it ain't Allah! It's the Devil, Beelzebub, Belial, Iblis, Lucifer, Satan, Angra Mainyu, the Dark Woodsman, El Diablo, Bono, Old Scratch .... the same Prince of Lies worshiped by Bill Clinton, and the Bush Twins, and especially George W. Bush Junior himself! Come on, why do you think Junior was so friendly to Obama today? You think Bush likes black people? Not unless they've got the special blood-red iPhone that connects directly to Hades.

The Illuminati news anchors say Obama was just "making a popular surfing hand symbol popular with the Hawaiians, where he was somehow born even though he was born in AFRICA, Indonesia." Well, that's what they always say, isn't it? Also, what is going on with those twin blond goblins the new president has summoned, floating over his shoulder there? (Thanks to Wonkette Operative "Alex Pareene" for the tip!)

Hook 'em, Satan!


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