Obama Speechwriter Reveals Sexy Career Advancement Secrets

Obama Speechwriter Reveals Sexy Career Advancement Secrets

Jon Favreau can make anybody feel like a failure, because he is super young and successful and takes excellent transcription notes from President Obama's Teleprompter. If you're an aspiring young speechwriter, you look at him and go "Shit by the time he was my age he was already FAMOUS" and if you are an old libtard you just think, "Enh, too late for me to do anything with my life."

And what does this evil jackass do but rub salt in the wound by saying about politics, "If you're good, people will notice you. It really is a meritocracy." Oh yeah? Tell that to beautiful young Meg McCabe, languishing in the bowels of the Daily Beast when she should be editing the New Yorker.

Anyway, yeah, this guy. Read all about him!

A Valedictorian’s New Address [Holy Cross magazine]


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