Obama Spotted Being A Jerk In D.C., Today!

Wonkette Bitter operative "Carl" brings us a very important EMERGENCY WONK'D today, in which he spots Barack Obama at Eliot Spitzer's hooker hotel in Washington D.C. Barry, of course, is in town today to vote in favor of the illegal FISA overhaul. But mostly he is just talking on his cell phone and riding in a foreign terrorism-supporting S.U.V. and ignoring "Carl" and his Bitter friends. Read the account, after the jump.

I was walking on 17th St passing the Mayflower Hotel and I saw two black suburbans and a short bus (traveling press)-- so I immediately knew it was either McBush or NObama. I decided to observe the spectacle with about 10 other blue collar workers and then Barry emerged! His cell phone was glued to his ear and he was lugging his own small piece of luggage. Instead of being friendly and waving to his gawkers, he just hopped in his gas guzzler. Next, chief strategist David Axelrod came out clamoring for attention and crawling at His Highness's feet. Barry's bodyman, Reggie Love, was more dignified in his pursuit of Mr. NObama and just checked out the scene. That was all I wanted to observe so I continued to walk past the four-star hotel to my mediocre, low-paying job (maybe that will CHANGE in November!!?? ha), but I could hear the sirens going toward K St. and I imagine the motorcade caused quite a traffic mess and upset a few people at 9:40 AM.

What a greaseball.


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