Who is the more terrible fake?Whenever the American people get tired of Hillary Clinton's joyless tirades, the candidate switches things up by going on a "listening tour." These are wonderful public events in which people get to say they went to a Clinton rally without having to suffer through 40 minutes of hectoring. Instead, voters get some time to bitch at the candidate who sits there in blessed silence and then reaps a few points' bounce in the polls. It is basically the most brilliant campaign innovation since the push poll. So now, of course, plagiarist Barack Obama is doing some sort of "listening" event in Clinton's stronghold of Western Pennsylvania.

He is going to do a town hall dealy where, instead of holding forth and then making his dignified face while women faint in the aisles, he will make his diginified face while an unemployed miner talks about how he can't afford to have both a liver and subprime mortgage at the same time.

So first Obama steals the words of his pal Deval Patrick, who in turn shamelessly stole the words of the Founding Fathers in his stump speech. And now Obama is stealing Hillary Clinton's patented no-talking technology. We eagerly await Howard Wolfson's memo on this outrage.

Obama's first visit to region a chance to listen, not talk [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]


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