Obama To Visit Land Of Snake-Infested Foreclosure Dumps

  • Larry Summers said yesterday that private bank funds may help in the next phase of the bailout. Of course, now that all the private banks are funded by the government anyhow, same difference. [MarketWatch]
  • Fort Myers, one of the most blighted and tragic of all recession-hit towns, will get a visit from President Obama and citizens are already lining up for the chance to touch the hem of his robe. [Miami Herald]
  • The 25-year civil war in Sri Lanka appears to be headed to a close, so a female rebel killed herself and 28 others in a suicide bombing attack. [Washington Post]
  • People in Afghanistan are more worried about the country's direction than they have been in years, but fortunately most of them still hate the Taliban and don't see them offering a better alternative. [BBC News]
  • The peanut plant in Georgia that produced all the salmonella butter was a whole boatload of gross. [New York Times]
  • Fewer people are dying in car accidents these days, in part because we're driving less and driving more slowly, but in part because cars are designed better. [Wall Street Journal]

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