Obama Unveils All His Boring Cabinet Picks

  • The brother of Iraq's most famous shoe-throwing journalist says the journalist was beaten in custody. [BBC News]
  • European bank HSBC exposed one billion of its precious hot dollars to notorious ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff. [MarketWatch]
  • Police found explosives in a Paris department store after they were tipped off by the Agence France-Presse. It's a media fairy tale! [New York Times]
  • Man! She got a cover story on Time and everything, and yet DC's education chancellor, Michelle Rhee, got passed over for Secretary of Education. The post will go to Barack Obama's Chicago crony Arne Duncan instead. [Washington Post]
  • Oh noes, the Detroit bailout is on hold while President Bush "looks at the data." [Detroit Free Press]
  • Moderate centrist Coloradan Senator Ken Salazar will be the Secretary of the Interior, so quit your whining, Hispanics, you got another one. [Los Angeles Times]

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