Obama Wins the Morning: 92% Who Watched Approved!


  • I am, I am, I am Superman, and I can do anything ....Granted, this is limited to people who admitted to watching the State of the Union, but those who did say they overwhelmingly approved of the mish-mash of Sputnik and Spending Cuts and "Clean Coal" that Obama presented to the nation as maybe some way that people might eventually get a job in America. 92% is a true Win the Morning/Future! A CNN poll found that 84% of those who watched had either a very positive or "somewhat positive" tingle down their leg after watching the SoTU, and a group of swing voters surveyed by another polling company went from 30% approval of Obama to 56% approval of Obama after simply watching the speech. Magic? We are going to have to go with "magic," because if all it takes is a decently presented State of the Union with a lot of optimistic pipe dreams and cheerleading for the beloved "troops" who continue to be stuck in two awful lost causes forever because the White House and Pentagon want it that way, then magic is not limited to the wonderful world of Hogwarts and is now being practiced by our own "Hawaiian Dumbledore," Barack Obama. [Politico/CNN/CBS News]

  • Meanwhile, in Egypt, all protests of any kind have been smashed after yesterday's increasingly crazy riots in every major city. Will the revolt accomplish the impossible and knock the vile crook Mubarak out of power? If wearing those Guy Fawkes masks and "tweeting" makes revolution real in Our Dumb Era, then this is very very real. [Al Jazeera]
  • Oh yeah and Michelle Bachmann gave her own very special State of the Tea Party video speech, which was ignored by everyone but the desperate lamers at CNN. The New York Times notes that Bachmann was so insane during this brief, looking-everywhere-but-the-camera paranoid rant, "she seemed almost like the telekinetic high school heroine of Carrie." [New York Times/Guardian]

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