Obama Won't Buy Hobo Buddy A Sammich!

C'mon, Barry, just a buck or two

Man, how many times has this happened to you? You're one of the only black kids in your posh private high school; you have a good friend, a couple years older than you, who's also black, and with whom you can talk about your feelings of alienation and not have to put such a brave front up all the time. Eventually, you go on to a political career, write a book about your childhood where you talk about your friend under a fake name to protect his privacy, and start running for president ... and then your friend calls you from a pay phone and you find out that he just got out of prison and he's living in a car with an aspiring rapper named "Bobby Bang."

Naturally, he wants money.

Well, so this probably hasn't happened to you, but it did happen to Barry Hussein Obama this month. The WSJ has the whole sordid story. Barry's hobo friend, Keith Kakugawa, got out of jail and talked briefly to Barry right after he got off the Senate floor, and was fobbed off on staffers, who were asked to wire money, which did not happen. We did find it kind of interesting that Barry has "a campaign researcher who maintains contacts with Obama family and friends who might get press inquiries, to advise them and act as a go-between." Because on the one hand, when you run for president a lot of your potentially embarrassing old friends are going to come out of the woodwork, but on the other hand, you have the money to hire someone to deal with them, so it kind of balances out.

Also: Kakugawa and Bobby Bang share a quilt together while sleeping in the front seat of Bobby Bang's car, which we think is kind of sweet. Also also: Los Angeles has a neighborhood that's actually officially called "Skid Row."

From Obama's Past: An Old Classmate, A Surprising Call [WSJ]


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