Herman Cain: "If ObamaCare had been implemented when I caught cancer, I'd be dead." Is cancer still a thing people are "catching" these days? If so, everyone stay away from Herman Cain, because he had it! Whatever, there are still a few weird morons who believe that ObamaCare will axe murder to pieces whatever sweet private health insurance plan millions of dollars will buy a pizza executive these days, just like Medicare and Medicaid and government health insurance plans have been murdering executives for decades with the same efficiency that a total lack of health care murders ordinary uninsured Americans. MURDER MURDER MURDER. Video of attempted murder victim Herman Cain after the jump!

Herman Cain says that he is not dead because he "was able to go to the doctors that [he] wanted to go to," and he "didn't have to wait six months like you do in other countries to get a CAT scan." That is what happens in other countries. The entire nation of Canada, for example, is dead.

Oh, these idiots. [CNN]


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