Obamacare Will Give Your Grandma The Swine Flu

  • Eunice Kennedy Shriver, the founder of the Special Olympics and a sister to many Kennedys, died at the age of 88. [CNN]
  • President Obama looks forward to being harangued and shouted at by a bunch of angry New Hampshirite "keep your guvmint hands off my Medicare" types at a town hall today. [New York Daily News]
  • Georgia Republican Johnny Isakson assures us that the government does not plan to kill your grandmother. (Yet.) [Washington Post]
  • Everybody freak out because the swine flu and its attendant panic have reached India. [Forbes]
  • Plucky Mexican drug traffickers find prison no impediment to their entrepreneurial endeavors. [New York Times]
  • Hurricane season has gotten off to a terribly slow start this year, leaving many fans of dramatic inclement weather wondering when, if ever, the death and destruction might commence. [Wall Street Journal]

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