Obamamania To Destroy Democratic Party

Alive with pleasure!The Barry Hussein Obama express has been fatally derailed by a pair of state senators from some crappy southern state. Robert Ford and Darrell Jackson, both of whom are black, say they "like" Obama; but Ford says that if he were the nominee, "every Democrat on the ticket" would lose due to Obama's extreme blackness. "I think that Obama running for president is good for America, but I don't support him," said Jackson, who fears that such a Democratic meltdown would give the Republicans a stranglehold on power and transform American into a Turkmenistan-style one-party dictatorship, with an enormous golden statue of Mitt Romney on the National Mall, with an automated pedestal that turns his bronze face always towards the sun.

In 2004, Ford and Jackson backed the Edwards campaign, so you can see that they're power brokers. This year, Jackson is supporting Hillary, who has absolutely no negatives as a Democratic candidate whatsoever.

State Senator: Obama Would Cause Every Democrat To Lose [WCSH6.com]


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