Obama's Chilling Vision of American TeeVee

Obama's Chilling Vision of American TeeVee

Think of it as a prequel to America in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and most of January 2017 -- Barack Obama putting hope and nice stories about families and education on teevee, our network teevee! Tonight, we will get a hint of just what kind of vicious socialism and class warfare Mr. Terrorist plans to use as some kind of disease vector against our culture.

The liberal New York Times got a preview of Obama's half-hour informercial, and here's how they describe this horrorshow:

Jim Margolis, Mr. Obama’s senior advertising strategist, said the program would then go on to feature “the stories of four different Americans, or American families, and kind of what they’re confronting.”

He said the stories would highlight “the challenges people are facing and what we should do in terms of solutions.” He said Mr. Obama would also share the story of his mother, “who struggled through her bout with breast cancer and the difficulty she had with her insurance company, to help viewers understand why his health care reform program is what it is.”


Senator Obama may have his grand notions of "hope" and "health care" and "employment," but here in the real America, we care about one thing: watching incredibly stupid, violent nonsense on the flat screen, night and day, while eating from three or four Domino's pizza boxes all spread out on the floor around the couch.

We like to watch live or recorded video of cars racing in circles and occassionally crashing and killing the occupants, and 500-pound "football players" beating each other senseless in a rainstorm. We enjoy pornography of all kinds, and programs about the quick preparation of large quantities of cheap dessert items.

For drama, we must watch Arab-looking guys tortured to death by brave fascists, while liberal cities are nuked, so we can relive the "togetherness" of 9/11. For "upscale" drama, it can either be people having random sexual intercourse or people having drug overdoses or being shot or hacked to death. For comedy, we like to hear a recording of people laughing. And for news, it should either be about pit bulls mauling toddlers, high-speed chases, and "lifestyle" stories about tattoo removal or chlamydia.

But all of that is at risk, as this Obama character seizes our televisions with his dirty capitalist money, and makes us watch something about saving for retirement or learning to read or something. Elitist trash, all of it.

Obama Infomercial, a Closing Argument to the Everyman [NYT]


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