Obama's Facebook Outrage: No New Friends!

facebookobama.jpgA faithful Wonkette operative reports:

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know that Obama hasn't approved any friend requests, or "support this candidate" requests, for almost a month. I've been waiting patiently, since you can't give gifts to people who aren't your friends and I want to give him a naked troll doll graphic. The time has come, I feel, to speak out against this shunning. Potential leaders of the free world should take these social networking sites seriously, damn it. If you need screenshots to prove this potentially damning transgression, it shouldn't be a problem.

Keep up the good work,

This will not stand! We call upon Barry Hussein Obama to prove his loyalty to this great Christian nation and approve his backlog of Facebook friends! How else will he know when one of the Frist kids is "no longer listed as 'in a relationship'" or when Rose Kennedy Schlossberg adds hot new pics?

Barack Obama [Facebook]


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