Obama's Haircut Defense

Remember that thing we didn't write or give a shit about where David Geffen said some very mildly bitchy things about the Clintons, then the Clintons said Barack Obama put him up to it, then they all had a big fight for a couple days? Looks like Barry Hussein's back on the peace train:

Mr. Obama said he had been on a red-eye flight, getting a haircut and taking his daughters to school as the fight broke out, and strongly suggested he had told his aides he wanted to stay above the fray.

Oh, Barry -- while you're always plotting against us, we know you really hate to fight. Thankfully, Ben Smith at the Politico has some photo proof of B. Hussein's secret and stressful late-night haircut. Before-and-after shots:


So that's settled, then. Everyone's a liar and a jerk, and one of these idiots will be our next president.

Detour From High Road in Clinton-Obama Clash [NYT]

Obama, Before and After [Politico]


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