Obama's Illegal Libyan War Costing $1.1 Billion, Biden Still After That $125 Tortoise Website


Libya, wherever that is, is costing America $1.1 Billion, just for the summer. At least $716 Million has already been thrown at Libya in the form of bombs.

Somewhere, we've also got this figure that shows the Obama Administration has spent $2 Billion of the nearly $50 Billion budgeted and set aside to help people in foreclosure keep their homes -- there's enough to keep millions of people in their houses, in America, but for some mysterious reason the money does not get to the families, who continue to lose their homes. Oh well, at least these families are being bombed (yet) by U.S. robot drones and jet fighters, the way mommies and babies are being wholesale slaughtered in Yemen and Libya and Pakistan and Iraq and Afghanistan and ... we think that's all, right now? Except for Colombia and those such places. Wow.

How about a funny Taiwan animation of Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin beating the shit out of each other?


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