Obama's Inauguration So Popular Because Of Decemberists

  • President Obama is expected to sign executive orders decreeing free foot massages and cookies for Guantanamo detainees, just like his opponents always warned us. [UPI]
  • People who work in the downtown, Mall and Capitol Hill areas will be treated to rolling street closures and anti-abortion protests today. [Washington Post]
  • Hillary Clinton was very predictably approved as secretary of state, but you already knew that. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Ha ha suck it LBJ: Obama's inauguration drew a crowd of 1.8 million, which is 600,000 more than Johnson's record-setting 1965 inauguration. [Washington Post]
  • Violence continues in Sri Lanka, where the military took over a Tamil Tiger command hub in the north. [BBC]
  • The parties most closely associated with China's melamine-tainted milk scandal were sentenced to death (the men) and to life in prison (the women). [Reuters]

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