Obama's 'Message of Hope' Is Just That He Hopes To Be President

After months of just smiling a lot and saying the word "hope" again and again, Barry Hussein Obama has lately been forced to try to come up with some reason why anybody should vote for him. Unfortunately, that means he has to go around Iowa saying Hillary Clinton is worse than Hitler and nearly as terrible as Bush and Cheney -- and such tactics are apparently at odds with whatever the fuck his "Message of Hope" is all about.

So whenever Obama says something bad about Hillary, she can just look disappointed and say, "Whatever happened to the 'Politics of Hope?'" -- like she actually said Thursday. And then she waved her hand and called him a fool or something and everybody laughed, because nobody likes a loser.

Besides, aren't Democrats supposed to, you know, actually give people some things? We thought the whole "I hope I get something" or "I wish I had some health insurance" concept was basically Reaganomics.

Also: Bill Clinton is the "Man From Hope," meaning the actual stupidly-named town where he was born. Shouldn't Obama name his politics or message with his own hometown instead of stealing Bill's hometown? Where the hell was Barry Hussein born, anyway? Hawaii or Kenya or something? Hang on .... Honolulu, yes. Okay, from here on out, it's "The Politics of Honolulu."

Attacks could tarnish Obama's 'hope' theme [Des Moines Register]


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