Obama's Propaganda Dept. Creates World's Worst Christmas Card


There's always that one self-righteous nerd-ass kid. Instead of wanting a Wii or those Chinese-robot hamsters or a new bong, he just wants a contribution sent to the Free Tibet fund or whatever. And that's exactly the audience for today's holiday propaganda from Barack Obama's MySpace account.

You know what, "Mitch Stewart" of "BarackObama.com"? THERE IS NOBODY WHO WISHES FOR "HEALTH REFORM" FOR FUCKING CHRISTMAS. Surely there are people who would like maybe a life-saving operation or something, maybe even something as tangible as "health insurance for my sick children," etc., but this virtual holiday eCard is just pissing everybody off, so stop it. Stop sending these obnoxious things in the Email. [We are not linking to this because, if you "send it to your senators," it just bounces you to a give-money-to-Obama's campaign site. Fuck off.]


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