Obama's Robot Gets Well Cap Back On Just In Time For Hurricane

Obama's Robot Gets Well Cap Back On Just In Time For Hurricane

  • The robot knocked off the containment cap from the mile-deep underwater oil gusher, but now the cap is back in place after many grim hours when the well was spewing out 104,000 gallons per hour. And what's there over there, east of Cuba? Just an ominous "tropical wave" that could become the season's first Tropical Storm (or Category 5 hurricane). And this is your BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill update for the day: inept robots, cruel nature and environmental disaster. How bad is this for Barack Obama the Afghan War Chieftain? Bad: "The Gulf of Mexico oil spill piled pressure on Barack Obama on Thursday as the hurricane season closed in and voters angry at his crisis management hammered the U.S. president in a poll rating." Why does Barack Obama let communist Cuba send tropical storms to make our offshore oil catastrophes even worse? [AP/Reuters]
  • Diaperman/whore-humper David Vitter's girlfriend-slashing drunk-driving "women's issues" cretin Brent Furer was pushed out of his cushy Senate staffer job yesterday, after ABC News revealed Furer's long history of the police locking him up for various domestic and vehicular crimes against society. [Gawker/ABC News]
  • Republicans are doing so terribly with the fund-raising for November that John Boehner is promising to give $1 million of his own dirty fortune to the National Republican Congressional Committee. Another eight House GOP members pledged to give the cash-poor NRCC between $60,000 and $250,000 each. So now they've got a plan to govern! [Politico]

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