Objectively Pro-Terrorist Cable Giant Charges Brave FBI To Spy On You!

You'll be waterboarded sometime between 9 am and 5 pm on Friday

Sinister corporate behemoth Leading communication provider Comcast may strike the mad mullahs at the Washington Post as a "patriotic corporate citizen" just because it tells the government when you've been downloading horse-fucking porn or drunk-dialing your ex-girlfriend over the shitty Comcast voice over IP phone service or watching reruns of Wings (starring sinister Levantine Tony Shaloub). But brave bloggers have now revealed that the government's freedom to metaphorically poke through the ugly detritus of your life isn't free -- at least not according to Comcast!

Yes, apparently Comcast is getting so many requests for secret wiretapping under the FISA act that they've set up a rate sheet for it. It costs our law enforcement heroes $1,000 of taxpayer money to set up a FISA wiretap -- but with that installation charge, you get your first month of secret surveillance service FREE! Additional months of Panopticon-style invasion of privacy cost $750.

Since we live in a nation of laws (HA HA HA), those FISA warrants have to actually be brought to Comcast's Philadelphia headquarters by hand before the eavesdropping can start. Privacy experts say that said warrants are inevitably misfiled or thrown out by some underpaid customer service lackey, so the chances of anyone actually being spied on through this process are pretty slim.

For one company, FISA wiretaps carry a $1K pricetag [Raw Story]

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