Obnoxious Customers That Will Raise Your Blood Pressure! Tabs, Thurs., March 10, 2022

Obnoxious Customers That Will Raise Your Blood Pressure! Tabs, Thurs., March 10, 2022

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Ready for your morning cry time? The Polish women who are leaving strollers in the train station for the Ukrainian mothers. The writing on this one, oh my lord. — Washington Post free link

The best athlete in her field has been detained for weeks by bloodthirsty lunatics and it's not really a story? Why is that, do you suppose? (New York mag)

Here's a sports story that probably will get some ink — Jerry Jones's alleged secret daughter sues to be recognized as his secret daughter — but can a lawyer, any lawyer, please explain to me why a grown woman would be bound by an agreement her mother made on her behalf when the woman was one year old? — ESPN

The DOJ is steadily dismantling GOP lies about the Capitol Riots. Note: This will not stop GOP lies about the Capitol Riots. — Amanda Marcotte at Salon

<Breitbart screaming>CLARENCE THOMAS RECUUUUUSE YOURSELFFFF</Breitbart screaming> — Take Back the Court

Oh goddammit, poor-feeding nonprofit programs, do not be motherfucking crook bastards. (Free link New York Times)

US maternal mortality increased twenty percent in 2020, and it's even worse for Black women. — 1A

This Virginia Beach school board member Vickie Manning, who previously spent all her time fighting children reading Toni Morrison, got kicked off a GLENN YOUNGKIN panel for freaking out about English as a Second Language, but joke's on the state of Virginia:

At the board meeting, it was stated that a majority of new ESL students come from Central America (I mistakenly thought administration said South America since their mask muffled their speech). I made a social media post and my political opponents twisted my words into something that I absolutely did not intend. I love all people, no matter where they are from. I come from a family of immigrants who came to this great country fleeing religious persecution, even having to become indentured servants, and my grandmother was Native American. The media and leftist narrative and cancel culture that paints everyone with whom they disagree as racist needs to end.

She can't be racist, her grandma is Native American. — Her dumb website / 13 News Now

Max Read on growth niches for journalists (join the CIA). (Read Max substack)

Which reminds me I've had this tab open for you for daaaays and it's Team Fuck Maggie Habes. — Medium

At Fox, "actual malice" good for business :) (No, "actual malice" does not mean "you did it with malice," I can't believe that got into an Aaron Blake post at WaPo yestertoday.) (No More Mister Nice Blog)

Hey, you nerds wanna go to "local journalism town hall"? Shut up of course you do. (You maybe do.) It's this coming Monday, info at PEN.

Ernest Shackleton's shipwreck found in the South Pole 9000 feet deep, this is cool (cooler, they all survived by camping out on the ice floes until they got to Elephant Island and then a bunch of them rafted off and got rescuers from another island and there was no loss of life). (CNN)

Don't tell Shy I wanna be composted, because obviously he already knows. "Aquamation," human composting, and more cool shit at Daily Beast.

Ranking the top 52 HBO shows? That's bold, Thrillist. That's bold.

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